Youth and Safety Day

photo (18)Each year thousands of kids are injured and hundreds of children are killed due to injuries related to fire arms, water, farming equipment, improper use of car restraint syIMAG0753stems and electricity.  Children must be taught to recognize hazards which can be life threatening and educated on good safety habits and practices.  Youth and Safety Day was organized to do just that!  It’s a county wide event which focuses on safety issues and concerns of youth in general.

This program focuses on 3rd graders from Austin County.  The students are able to participate in a variety of interactive safety education presentations throughout the day.

This evenSpiess - Presentert usually takes place annually in May at the Austin County Fairgrounds and is a collaborated effort between Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, Bellville photoSt. Josephs Hospital, the Department of State Health Services and the Colorado-Austin-Waller CFRT.  Due to the great success of this program we look forward to hosting this event every year.

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