Despite the proximity to the Houston metro area and lands becoming more and more fragmented into smaller parcels, agriculture continues to be very important in Austin County and a major source of economic stability. Climatic conditions and good soils make the county ideal for growing a variety of crops and livestock species. The area was once known for its cotton production in the early half of the twentieth century and gradually transitioned into an area more conducive for the production of livestock following the second world war and is a trend that continues to this day.

Beef cattle is the number one agricultural commodity produced in the county, with an estimated 40,000 brood cows. Hay and forages make up the number two agricultural commodity grown and sold by producers, as an estimated 37,500 acres are currently grown for hay production. Other commodities grown in the county include Corn, Cotton, Grain Sorghum, Rice, Melons, Pecans, Wine Grapes and other specialty crops. Other livestock species are also produced in the county, such as Horses, Pure Bred Seed Stock Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Swine, Exotic Wildlife and others. The total estimated agricultural income is $88 million.

For more Ag & Natural Resource questions, please contact:

Haylee Wolfford

County Extension Agent for Agriculture & Natural Resources


Howdy, first off let me start by saying, I am very honored to be the Agriculture Extension Agent in Austin County! However, I thought I would share a little background about myself. I grew up in a small southeast Texas town showing livestock, raising show cattle, and rodeo’n.  I attended Texas State University where I obtained a Bachelor of Animal Science and then furthered my education at McNeese State University procuring a Master of Science with an emphasis on animal nutrition. I started my career as an Extension Agent in 2015, in Hardin County, where I was a single agent.  I performed the duties related to Agriculture, 4-H, Family Consumer Science, and Horticulture. Although being a single agent allowed me to gain knowledge across many different aspects of Texas A&M AgriLife, my focus is still beef cattle production and horses, but I have also gained a considerable amount of knowledge in forage production and brush control. Outside of work I continue to enjoy roping and raising exotic and American cross show cattle. I look forward to continuing to expand my knowledge in the field of agriculture and working with the residents of Austin County.

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