Walk Across Texas (WAT)


Angel MartinezChoosing to live a healthy lifestyle is more than a choice but it is the essence of life.  Since 2009 Michelle Allen and the Family & Consumer Sciences Advisory Board have coordinated and implemented the Walk Across Texas Program with the Bellville Independent School District.  The Advisory Board consists of health and medical professionals, Extension Education members, domestic engineers, head start parents and school educators.  This physical exercise program uses friendly competition to encourage the students and their families to exercise regularly.

Look at some of the quotes from families that have participated:Coach Carter and West End Students

We continually walk and exercise, but actually tracking the distance and talking about how important keeping healthy is…is an eye opener for a kinder student.

It was educational, yet fun keeping track of everything.  Exercise is important.  Kids should be active and parents too!

It let us know how much we actually do at the end of the day/or week!

We were mIMG_0521ore fit and active.

The program is a great way to get fit and lead a healthier lifestyle and is made for fun and IMG_2333fitness.  If you have questions, feel free to contact Michelle Allen at 979-865-2072 for more information.



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