Regulated Herbicide

Anyone that will be using state limited use or state restricted use herbicides in Austin, County, should know that a permit to apply these herbicides must be obtained through the Texas Department of Agriculture if you plan on spraying in certain portions of the county.  The following areas of Austin County must acquire a permit as is specified in the Texas Agricultural codes, chapter 75,

  1. Only the portion of Austin County lying east and south of the line beginning at the point where State Highway 36 crosses the north county line, thence southerly along Highway 36 to FM 949; thence westwardly along FM 949 to the San Bernard River.
  2. Between March 15th and July 31st, in that portion of Austin County lying south of Interstate Highway 10, the following restrictions on the use of 2,4-D formulations shall apply:
  • The application by aircraft is prohibited
  • The use of all ester formulations by any method is prohibited

Permits can be obtained here or by contacting the Texas Department of Agriculture Gulf Coast Regional Office in Houston at (713) 921-8200.



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