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Horse Validation Deadline

May 1, 2018

Anyone interested in showing a horse this year at the District or State Horse Show must validate their animal before May 1, 2018.


Validation is required for showing at District or State horse shows, and its purpose is to certify that ownership requirements have been met. The horse MUST be owned solely by the 4-H member, his/her parents (biological or stepparents), brother, sister, grandparents, or legal guardian. Horses under lease to, but not owned by any of the named persons, do NOT qualify. Horses owned in partnership or jointly with any person other than those previously listed do NOT meet ownership requirements. The horse validation process will be completed electronically using the 4-H Connect online management system. Horses must be validated or re-validated each year. All 4-H members who wish to show at their District Show or the State 4-H Horse Show will be REQUIRED to validate their horse(s) on the 4-H Connect system. Horse validation is completed for EACH HORSE and will cover all 4-H youth members in that family profile. When validating your horse(s) on 4-H Connect, you will select ONLY ONE 4- H youth member to conduct the validation under. Once a horse is validated, validation paid, and you begin registering for the District Horse Show, the validated horse(s) can be moved to the appropriate 4-H member(s) who will be exhibiting the horse in the show. Validation will be open from March 1 to MAY 1. Any horse validated before or after this date will NOT be accepted. An illustrated step-by-step instruction guide for families for is available for download and reference on both the Texas 4-H website (http://texas4-h.tamu.edu/ ) and the Texas A&M University Department of Animal Science – Equine Science website (http://horse.tamu.edu ) under the State 4-H Horse Show link.

Validation cost for each horse is $10.00 from March 1 – April 15From April 16 – May 1 validation cost for each horse is $20.00. There is no limit to the number of horses that can be validated. 


Note: Photos (front, left side, and right side) are REQUIRED for validation. The entire horse MUST be in the photograph. Photos should be as close as possible and markings should be clearly visible. The photo should be close as possible and markings should be clearly visible. The photo should be in jpg or gif format. In addition, a pdf or jpg of the registration papers will be REQUIRED, if the horse is registered. The photos and registration papers are to be uploaded to the 4-H Connect system. The age of the horse is determined on the calendar year, starting on January 1 of the year foaled. Horses may be eligible for breed association sponsored awards if they are properly validated as registered horses with correct registration papers uploaded to 4-H Connect.


Information, photos, and registration papers for horses validated using 4-H Connect in previous years will not have to be re-entered/re-submitted, unless any changes have been made, such as a change in ownership; however, horses in the system will still need to be selected for the current year’s validation, and payment will be required for each horse validated.

Horse Validation Instructions

Horse Validation Instructional Video


May 1, 2018
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